Preschool development checklist for home schooling, daycare, parents who want to prepare preschool children for future success in school.

preschool checklist

Preschool Activity Box

We believe that young children learn through play and from engaging in age-appropriate preschool activities. It is our goal to offer parents and teachers materials to develop their preschool children’s ability and skills through various fun learning activities.

preschool checklist

Preschool Checklist

Remember: Each child grows and develops skills at their own rate, and in their own ways.


Knowing where your child should be before entering first grade will help you prepare activities and guide them in the right direction to be ready and successful in first grade. It is important to remember that each child is an individual that grows and develops at his or her own pace and in his or her own way. We believe children at this age learn best if the subject is presented in a natural, informal manner, so that they do not feel forced into an activity. Kindergarten academics do not have to be only worksheets and printables. You can teach many of these academic skills through daily conversations, activities, and games.


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