Free preschool fine motor skill activities and coloring pages for parents, and teachers who want to prepare their children for future success in school.

 preschool fine motor skill activities

Preschool Activity Box

We believe that young children learn through play and from engaging in age-appropriate preschool activities. Develop your preschool children’s ability and fine motor skills through various fun preschool activities and worksheets.

Preschool fine motor skills

Preschool Fine Motor Skills Activities

Preschool Goal:

  • child holds pencils and markers with a mature grip
  • child draws recognizable shapes and objects
  • child cuts out shapes and is turning the paper

Remember, every child will acquire the fine-motor skills needed for handwriting in a different time table. The more your preschool child uses her fingers in activities that help to strengthen their hand coordination, the sooner they will master these skills.

Preschool activities to promote fine motor skill

Preschool Coloring Page
preschool cutting worksheet
preschool dot to dot activity
preschool craft

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Free preschool fine motor skill activities and worksheets:

Cutting Activities:
Lily's and EarTwiggle's Scissor skills Practice Worksheets

Cat cutting activity
Lily elf cutting activity
EarTwiggle elf cutting activity
Decorate your christmas ornament activity
Build your snowman activity
Lily's Valentine's Day heart coloring and cutting activity
(see more Preschool Valentine's Day activities)
Make a fish picture cutting activity

Coloring Pages: (see also our pre-writing skill activities and worksheets)
Turkey coloring page
Lily in the garden coloring page
Scarecrow coloring page
Thanksgiving coloring page
Frankenstein coloring page
Halloween haunted house coloring page
Witch Halloween coloring page
EarTwiggle Halloween wizard coloring page
Pumpkin coloring page
Santa coloring page
Poinsettia coloring page
Lily santa's helper coloring page
EarTwiggle's santa's helper coloring page
Valentine's Day heart coloring page
Penguin coloring page
(see more penguin activities)
My Dad rules coloring page (see more Father's Day activities and crafts)

Other fine motor skill worksheets:
Halloween connect the dot activity
(see more preschool Halloween activities)
Halloween maze
Santa maze

More preschool activities

Vampire Halloween craft
Bunny paper plate craft
Ghost craft
Turkey paper plate craft
Fall wreath craft
Ghost art project
Santa paper plate craft
Snowman art project
Valentine's Day mouse bookmark
Paper cup bunny craft

Easy jellyfish craft
Bat Fingerpuppet craft (see more bat activities and crafts)

more preschool crafts

The following preschool activities support young children's fine motor development and will help to build the strength and dexterity (quick and precise movements and coordination of the hands and fingers) necessary to hold a pencil appropriately.

More preschool fine motor skill activities:

Rolling play dough into tiny balls using the palms of the hands facing each other and using only the finger tips.

Cut out shapes from cardboard (circle, square, etc.) and let your child trace them.

Using toothpicks to make designs in play dough.

Give your preschooler pair of tweezers. Provide two bowls with small items. Challenge them to get all the items from one bowl to another using only the tweezers.

Tearing newspaper into strips and then crumpling them into balls.

Lacing and sewing activities such as stringing beads.

Using eye droppers to "pick up" water.

Play with Legos, miniature cars, small blocks, action figures, and other small toys.

Working puzzles

Rolling small balls out of tissue paper
, then gluing the balls onto construction paper to form pictures or designs.

Scissor activities

Gross motor activities:
Wheelbarrow walking, crab walking.

Clapping games

Connect the dots activities

Trace around stencils

Work on a chalkboard

Paint at an easel

Make crafts using scissors and gluing

Finger painting

Tying bows or tying shoes


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