Free preschool pre-writing and tracing activities and worksheets for parents, and teachers who want to prepare their children for future success in school.

 preschool prewriting activities

Preschool Activity Box

We believe that young children learn through play and from engaging in age-appropriate preschool activities. Develop your preschool children’s ability and prewriting skills through various fun preschool writing and drawing activities.

preschool prewriting worksheets

Preschool Language & Literacy Development - Writing

Preschool Goal:

  • differentiates between writing and drawing
  • reads own writing
  • can write recognizable letters
  • can write first name

Before learning to write, it is important that children practice tracing and drawing with a pencil to gain basic pencil-control skills. These activities lead to the ability to form letters and numbers. Provide your child with opportunities to trace and draw in a fun and motivating format. Progress from straight vertical lines to more challenging lines, such as curved, zigzag, and diagonals.

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How to hold a pencil correctly

Holding a pencil properly can be difficult for a child who does not yet have enough strength in his or her hands and fingers. Help your child use relaxed rather than cramped movements as he or she writes. Demonstrate how to properly grip the pencil between the thumb and pointer finger, letting the pencil rest on the middle finger. Teach this skill gradually so that your child retains interest and does not become overly tired. To help your child relax, have him or her shake the hands, make drawings in the air, or roll a piece of clay inside the hands.

Keep the writing lesson short — five to fifteen minutes is plenty of time for practice. Stretch the amount of pencil time by incorporating drawing and coloring.

Give a lesson daily, or at least three times a week with our fun pre-writing skill worksheets.

The following prewriting worksheets assume that your child can draw simple lines with a pencil. A short, soft pencil is easier for small children to hold. If your child is not yet accustomed to using a pencil, a crayon is a good starting tool.

preschool pre-writing worksheet

preschool pre-writing worksheet
preschool Turkey tracing
Easter Tracing Activity

Tracing Activities:
Turkey tracing worksheet
Birds curves tracing worksheet

Shapes and Lines:
Kite straight lines pre-writing skill worksheet

Drawing Activities:
Draw witch face drawing activitiy (more preschool Halloween activities and worksheets)
Finish the haunted house drawing activity
Decorate your wreath drawing activity
Decorate your christmas ornament activity
Finish the snowman drawing activity

Other writing activities:
Halloween maze
Help Santa activity
Help Santa chimney writing activity
(see more preschool Christmas activities and worksheets)

Fine Motor and Scissor Skills
Fine motor skills are our ability to use our hands, wrists, and fingers to reach, grasp, and manipulate small objects and tools.

More fun prewriting worksheets can be found on our KidsSoup member site.

See also our coloring pages and fine motor skill activities and worksheets.

prewriting skills worksheets
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