Free preschool reading and letter activities and worksheets for parents and teachers, who want to prepare their children for future success in school.

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We believe that young children learn through play and from engaging in age-appropriate preschool activities. It is our goal to offer parents and teachers materials to develop their preschool children’s reading ability and language skills through various fun learning activities.

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Preschool Language & Literacy Development

Now Available! Multi-Sensory ABC Twiggles Curriculum

The ABC Twiggles program is a research-based curriculum with an engaging blend of technology, literature, and instructional teacher support.

ABC Curriculum

Did you know that e arly literacy research suggests that early literacy skills like alphabet knowledge, phonological awareness, letter recognition, and writing letters are the strongest and most consistent predictors of later success in reading.

ABC Twiggles features a multisensory program that incorporates visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic techniques and learning activities. Immersed in an environment with sights and smells, language and auditory rhythm, and opportunities for gross and fine motor movement, each letter of the alphabet is presented to children in a variety of integrated contexts, thus enhancing children’s memory of alphabet letters and their corresponding sounds.

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Other Early Literacy Activities:

Teach the alphabeth song

Read alphabeth books together

Help your child to recognize her/his name. Write the letters of his/her name and say each letter as you write it. Have your child find the letters in her/his name on billboards or store signs.

An easy way to introduce your child to capital and lowercase letters is to help your child to practice writing his or her name. Point out that the first letter of the name is a capital letter, while the rest of the letters are lowercase letters.

Read to your child as often as possible so that they get exposed to literature. Ask your child to find letters in books, magazines, etc.

Look for words and letters everywhere you go: on traffic signs, on restaurants, in advertising, at the grocery store.

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Letter A craft

ABC Letters

Taktile learning. Use a plastic sheet protectors for each letter printout. Help your child to form letters on top of the plastic using yarn, play-dough, or cookie dough.

Make an alphabet book with a page for each letter. With your child cut out pictures from magazines and catalogs that begin with each letter. Glue each picture to its appropriate page.

More letters coming soon!

Letter A activities and crafts

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This little snowman (coming soon!)


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